.NET assembly to do everything with PDF. No Adobe dependencies.

  • Create, Read, Write, Edit and Save PDF documents
  • Split and Merge PDF, Manipulate with pages
  • Form Fill, Edit, and Create
  • Extract text, images, fonts
  • Convert to PDF/A
  • Compatible on multiple platforms, such as Windows, macOS, and Linux
  • Deploy to Azure and AWS

The SautinSoft.PDF is currently in the testing stage. And it does not meet the described functionality.

To test the SautinSoft.PDF, write to [email protected]

.NET 8, 7, 6, 5, Standard 2, Core 2x & 3x, Framework 4.6.2+
AWS (EC2, Lambda) Kubernetes (All Versions) Azure (WebApps, Functions v3) Docker (All Versions)
Download (2024.4.3)

Latest Release Info

What's New in SautinSoft.PDF


SautinSoft.PDF is designed to help you in development of applications where is necessary to operate with PDF documents. Let's see what functions the component can provide for you:

SautinSoft.PDF totally simplifies the development of .NET applications where require to manipulate with PDF documents. Let us say, to provide the method to rotate a page in PDF document, you have add only the reference to the "SautinSoft.Pdf.dll" and write 3-4 C# lines in your application.

Why choose SautinSoft.Pdf?

SautinSoft.PDF- The complete PDF library

The complete PDF library

Full-functional PDF library to do everything with PDF documents: create new, read, write, parse, edit, print, split and merge, sign digitally, extract text and images, convert to PDF/A, compress and protect.

SautinSoft.PDF- Independent and Fast

Independent and Fast

SautinSoft.Pdf library has no dependencies of Adobe or any other. It's completely written in managed C#. The speed of processing is instant: the loading of complex PDF Reference with 1310 pages takes 2.2 sec.

SautinSoft.PDF- Windows, Linux, and macOS

Windows, Linux, and macOS

Develop for any .NET platform or major operating systems with a single code base. Use in your apps for .NET Framework, Mono, Xamarin.iOS, and Xamarin.Android.

SautinSoft.PDF- Manipulate with PDF in two modes

Manipulate with PDF in two modes

With help of SautinSoft.Pdf you can manipulate/disassembly any PDF document by basic PDF-objects (array, dictionary, stream etc) and also high-level objects (page, text, graphics, links, annotations, fields etc).

SautinSoft.PDF- Form Fill, Edit, and Create

Form Fill, Edit, and Create

Users fill, edit, and create new interactive forms themselves, or they can pre-populate data from any existing source. Flattening of the PDF interactive forms is supported too, it's process of transforming them into the static content.

SautinSoft.PDF- Simple Licensing and Free Support

Simple Licensing and Free Support

We offer three types of licenses including free technical support and free updates during one year. Technical support includes providing assistance via web-chat, email, Skype group chats, phone, Remote control and applies to all licenses automatically.

Feature Highlights

Read text from PDF

Using a simple API and just a few lines of code, you can quickly retrieve any text content, with all info and ready for your further processing.

Create and Write PDF

With SautinSoft.Pdf you can write PDF files in C# or VB.NET application. You can also edit any content in PDF, add images, modify text formatting, remove pages and write the document to desired PDF version.

Extract Images from PDF

Extract raster and vector graphics and images from PDF documents. Allows to filter image extraction by min and max size.

Merge and Split PDF documents

Insert, remove, or rearrange pages. Assemble, merge, clone or split documents. SautinSoft.Pdf provides you the collection of pages, so you can operate with it as you wish.

Fill PDF forms

SautinSoft.Pdf supports filling in a PDF interactive form and it automatically updates the appearance of the filled in fields.

Sign PDF digitally

Add digital signature to PDF, sign a PDF document with a handwritten signature image or embed timestamp in a digital signature. Supports signing by multiple users.

Simple API

Control PDF inside your App:
  • Read text from PDF.
  • Create and write PDF.
  • Convert Images to PDF.
  • Print PDF documents.
  • Merge PDF files.
  • Split PDF by pages.
  • Find and Replace Text in PDF.
  • Fill in PDF interactive forms.
  • Encrypt PDF documents.
  • Sign PDF digitally.
  • Clone or import pages.
  • Format PDF content.
  • Add watermarks to PDF.
  • Get and set document properties.
  • Export and import images to PDF.
  • Add vector graphics content.
  • Get, create or edit bookmarks.
  • Add hyperlinks to PDF.
  • Manipulate streams and resources.

Let us say, to merge multiple PDF documents in C#:

using SautinSoft.Pdf;

class Program
	static void Main()
		// List of source files.
		var fileNames = new string[]
		using (var document = new PdfDocument())
			// Merge multiple PDF files into single PDF.
			foreach (var fileName in fileNames)
			    using (var source = PdfDocument.Load(fileName))

Explore the Advanced Features

SautinSoft.PDF code-examples

Actually the component can provide you a lot of options to operate with PDF. See the Developer Guide to find out simple, advanced and complex examples, it contains many examples.

Easy Licensing and Distribution

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